Poetry comes from the highest happiness or the deepest sorrow

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akovski Velimir was born and raised in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia on January 29, 1975. His father Vladimir is former academic professor and well known inventor, and his mother Irina is retired high-school teacher and she is from Ukraine. He have a twin brother Aleksandar who's also a keen novel reader and part-time writer. He also have a son Ivan with his long-time partner Tanja.

He graduated from EMUC "Nikola Tesla" - Skopje high-school with hi grades, and he attended Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy. He was excellent in computer science, chemistry, and mathematics, especially he was interested in computer programming.

Alongside with his father he is also a innovator with several notable patents in the field of bio-chemistry, and he is also a famous programmer and good teacher. He has plenty hobbies, like drawing, composing music and learning foreign languages.

Velimir is award-winning writer. For the second story, he applied for a reward on the Short Story Award Competition of the newspaper Nova Makedonija and he received a prize. The short story is part of the book "Labyrinth".

The book "Labyrinth" is erotic fantasy story about sensual relations of one photographer and his models and his second book "Love Moments" comprised from 40 emotional songs is inspired by pure love. In both titles he wanted to show one ecstatic and romantic experience of his mind and body. Also he wanted to embrace love as a energy and form of being.

Velimir invite's you to download, read and enjoy his books. He hopes that the readers will be emotionally touched and inspired by his words.



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